What is Anacortes Community Energy?

Good news! If you live around here and use energy you can be involved with Anacortes Community Energy. Your friends and neighbors are already making small changes that have a big impact. The city of Anacortes is taking the lead in making energy retrofits including installing solar panels on City Hall, the Anacortes Library, and the Public Safety Building. The city has also converted lighting in City Hall to LEDs and installed LED street lights throughout the city. The Anacortes School District is participating by incorporating energy education into its curriculum. Every action, big or small helps us conserve energy for a brighter tomorrow.

Anacortes is fully committed to being a national leader in energy savings. We are proud to be part of the collaborative effort to promote energy savings in homes and institutions as part of our Georgetown University Energy Prize (GUEP) participation. The City established a task force made of community members who have a passion for saving energy in our community. The task force completed the application process with a detailed energy saving plan, and Anacortes is one of 53 cities competing for the Georgetown University Energy $5 million prize with partners Puget Sound Energy, Cascade Natural Gas, Sustainable Connections, and Community Energy Challenge.
The City is continually looking for ways to reduce energy and save costs. Recently we changed all of our HPS streetlights to LED which will result in over $50,000 in energy savings each year. This community has a history of sharing our commitment to saving energy. I appreciate your efforts and ongoing support.
—Mayor Laurie Gere