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Credit: WikiHow

Air Dry Your Laundry

Doing your laundry is a major use of energy in your house. In fact, two dryer loads of laundry use more electricity than many homes use in a day. With a typical family of four doing 7-8 loads of laundry a week, the utility bills mount up quickly. Hanging your laundry to air dry is an enjoyable way to save money on your electricity bill. Our family of four can now save up to $240.00 a year – a significant savings. And, even better, air-drying your clothes will make them last longer!

Did you know:

  • Two dryer loads uses more electricity than many homes use in a day.
  • A family of four can save up to $240/year (using an electric dryer).
  • Your clothes will last longer if you air dry them.
  • Overloading your dryer will reduce the efficiency and take longer.

What to do:

  • Minimize your use of the dryer.
  • Use a clothesline to dry your clothes
    • There many styles of clotheslines to meet your space requirements
    • Running your clothes in the dryer for 5-10 minutes first, then hang them to dry- it will remove the stiffness in clothes that are air dried.
  • Make sure you clean the lint trap before each load. Dirty lint traps will drain 5-10% more energy.
  • Make sure your dryer vent hose and vent covers are not clogged with lint.