Change Your Furnace Filter

A furnace filter that is clogged with dust, pet dander, and other particles will cause your furnace to work harder because of decreased airflow. When this happens, you will need to make repairs more often to replace worn out parts. Overtime, the useful life of your furnace will be reduced as a result.

Being your furnace has to work harder, this means it is using more energy to operate. By changing the filter every 3 months, you will help reduce your home's heating costs.

Did you know:

  • Cats and dogs shed and have odors that can build up in your space, making it necessary to change your filter every 2 months. Generally, cats and dogs shed most when winter turns to spring and summer turns to fall, which are key times to replace your filter.

What to do:

  • Locate your furnace.

  • Look for your air filter slot.

  • Turn off your furnace.

  • Remove old filter.

  • Insert new filter.

  • Turn your furnace on.