Message From Mayor Gere

Mayor Gere Professional Photo Nov 2016.jpg

Let me THANK all of you in your efforts to conserve energy in your homes and business during the Georgetown University Energy Prize. The competition is over and we should hear later this year were we are ranked against the other 53 cities that participated.  But just because the contest is over, we as a city will continue to conserve energy with our facilities were we can.  I hope you would continue as well in conserving energy as we all must use our resources wisely.  The city is in the process of converting all of our facilities to LED lighting and when completed it is estimated to save us $45,000 dollars a year on our electric bill.  

The City Council recently approved an initiative to power our municipal buildings with wind.   Puget Sound Energy, our energy provider, identified a need for its large commercial and municipal customers to lower their carbon footprint in a cost-effective way, while also knowing where their alternative energy source was located. As a result, they created Green Direct – a product that sells bundled renewable energy to customers from one source. In this case it will be the Skookumchuck Wind Energy Project located southeast of Olympia in Thurston and Lewis counties.  

The City will devote all of the dollars spent on electricity to fund this wind project, which is slated to start producing power in 2019. Currently, the City subscribes to PSE’s entire portfolio of power sources, which include wind, coal, hydro and natural gas. When this project is complete, the City’s Municipal Buildings will be powered 100% by wind, making our electrical consumption carbon neutral!

—Mayor Laurie Gere