Credit:  WikiHow

Credit: WikiHow

Re-Caulk Windows & Doors

Over time the caulking around your windows and doors will fail due to sun and weather. This allows cold air to enter your house and raises your heating bill. Over time failed caulking will lead to water leaks and other expensive damage to your home. Re-caulking around your doors and windows is an easy job that can save you money.

How to find failed caulking:

  • Failing caulking is usually very obvious. You’ll see cracks in the caulking or places where the caulking has separated on one side.
  • Be sure to look at all the joints between your windows and doors and the house. Generally, the more sun exposure the joint sees, the quicker the caulking joint will fail.
  • If you have beams penetrating through the walls of your house, the gap between the beam and house need to be caulked.

What to do:

  • Replacing failed caulking is easy to do.
    • Using a sharp knife or a specialized tool to remove caulking, remove the old caulking.
    • Be sure that all weathered caulking is removed to provide a firm base for the new caulking to adhere to.
  • Apply new caulking with a caulking gun to the joint
    • Cut the tip of the tube at an angle, so that when applied to the joint, both sides are covered in a single pass.
    • With latex based caulks the joint can be smoothed after application with a wetted finger.